2020 has proved to us all that a new year does not necessarily have to be better than the last. It could go worse, and for most of us, COVID-19 proved to be a lethal obstruction in our lives.

While this a fact known to everyone, we would like to highlight some alarming piece(s) of news.

You are highly mistaken if you feel cyberattacks like phishing attacks or data breaches are only limited to big companies and firms. You could personally fall prey to cyberattacks if you do not secure your personal information and gadgets. Take a look at the following cybersecurity tips that you must take note of and implement in the coming times.

Secure passwords

The era of using Password or 12345 as your password is long gone and not so hysterical anymore. Today, you have your personal and sensitive information stored in your system and your emails. Tomorrow it could be all wiped off or leaked. Firstly, make sure you do not let anyone use your computer while you are gone. Do not use predictable passwords like your name or your birthdate to make it easy for you to remember. It is also easy for hackers to crack it.

Use two-factor authentication options

2FA codes are the best way to secure your online account (along with a strong password). It could be a four- or six-digit code sent on your registered phone number or email address. Whether it is your social media count or email id; make sure you enable 2FA.

Antivirus software

Cybersecurity breaches can happen unknowingly by clicking on “interesting” links or unknown website portals. Installing antivirus software and firewall on your system is definitely a safe and sane decision in this time and age. Make sure to purchase such software from reputed companies.

Install updates

Outdated software can pose a big security threat to your device. Software updates are meant to provide better security and ward off any kind of bugs that act as access to steal information. Enable automatic updates on your device to reduce cybersecurity risks.

Along with staying updated on the tips mentioned above, make sure you keep your devices secure by only installing applications from trusted developers. Avoid public WiFi at all costs unless it’s an emergency and most importantly, always backup your data. These tips are simple and easy to follow. Also, they significantly reduce the risks of cybersecurity attacks.

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