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Empowering Secure Collaboration and Data Protection

At Softlanding Ltd., our mission is crystal clear: we’re here to empower organizations with innovative IT security solutions. Our overarching goal is to foster secure collaboration, shield sensitive data, and adeptly navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with resolute confidence.

Leading the Way in IT Security Solutions

Step into the realm of Softlanding Ltd., a globally acclaimed leader, spearheading pioneering IT security solutions. Our core expertise lies in curating secure collaboration avenues and fortifying data protection across diverse industries, spanning government, defense, and enterprises. Through our unwavering dedication to data-centric information security, we provide a robust fortress for safeguarding critical content. Our lineup of acclaimed products, including SentinelShield and GuardianCollab, vividly exemplifies our commitment to this cause.

Forging Strategic Partnerships for Cyber Confidence

Catalyzing our journey are the strategic alliances we’ve forged with esteemed industry titans like archTIS, Appgate, and Bluedog. These collaborations seamlessly empower organizations to confidently navigate the intricate tapestry of the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

Join Us in Crafting a Secure Digital Future

Embark on a voyage to witness Softlanding Ltd. revolutionize IT security paradigms. Our narrative revolves around fostering secure collaboration, nurturing resilient data protection, and ultimately carving a landscape where organizations prosper securely in the realms of the digital era.

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Data Classification

Data classification serves as the bedrock of effective data security solutions—both within corporate networks and in the Cloud. When data remains undefined, protecting it becomes a challenge. Our expertise in data classification equips your teams and systems to handle files with precision and confidence.

Data Identification

We offer comprehensive solutions for scanning and analyzing data at every stage—creation, motion, and rest. Through appropriate identification attributes, your data remains properly managed and safeguarded.

Security Automation

Context is key in the realm of data security. By embedding context into your data, we empower your security ecosystem to make informed decisions, enhancing accuracy and overall effectiveness.

Regulatory Compliance

Automating our products lightens the load on frontline staff, freeing them to focus on core business objectives. We understand that while automation streamlines processes, concerns around accuracy and effectiveness may arise. Our solutions mitigate these concerns, ensuring compliance without compromising peace of mind.

Softlanding Ltd. is a global leader providing innovative IT security solutions for secure collaboration and data protection across various industries

Our expertise lies in the automated inspection and classification of emails and documents. Our solutions ensure accurate classification of various file types, meeting user-selected, system-suggested, or automatically applied classification settings in line with your data security policies.

For instance, we offer fully customizable visual markings that automatically integrate with headers and footers of documents, catering to specific regulatory requirements.

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