Contextual Automation

In the digital age, organizations grapple with securing sensitive data. This challenge escalates as data volumes surge. Protecting varied data types—financial, personal, healthcare—demands collaboration, not reliance on a single solution. An integrated product ecosystem is crucial to comprehensively cover potential vulnerabilities.

Automating security products eases the burden on staff, enabling them to focus on core business goals. However, automated systems can breed uncertainty among users, impacting trust in accuracy.

Solution: Titus tackles these concerns by adding context to data, empowering the security ecosystem for precise security decisions. Our solution enhances ecosystem intelligence and serves as a policy intermediary for consistent safeguarding.

Approach: In security automation, Titus enriches data context, informing perimeter tools. Titus’ metadata in files and emails streamlines cohesive, accurate security choices.

Enhance DLP products’ accuracy, curbing data leakage via email using policies like attachment scans. Employ data identification with access management to control access based on user attributes.

Facilitate CASB products in informed cloud migration decisions. Leverage metadata for privacy management, bolstering privacy incident detection. Titus’ labeling ensures compliance.

Provide logs for automation triggering security workflows. Use visualization and analysis tools for baseline behavior, detecting insider threats. Automate adaptable encryption based on Titus metadata.