Identifying and Safeguarding Data

To effectively protect data, it’s crucial to recognize what data you possess. Businesses nowadays amass an abundance of data, encompassing proprietary, financial, employee, and customer information. This data is ubiquitous, residing on local machines, networks, mobile devices, and within the Cloud.

Furthermore, the emergence of new security regulations has amplified concerns regarding the identification and security of data at rest. However, a prerequisite for safeguarding your data is mastering its identification.

Initiating data protection begins with identification. By adeptly identifying your data, you can apply appropriate protective measures, prompt others to handle it cautiously, and trigger security protocols automatically. Consequently, your personnel and systems can collaborate to mitigate risks and satisfy compliance requisites.

Titus Data Classification excels in identifying sensitive data in motion, while Titus Illuminate specializes in recognizing data at rest. Leveraging machine learning capabilities, Titus identifies and shields sensitive data based on categories you’ve trained the system to discern, such as confidential financial reports, internal design documents, or public news releases.

A Solution for Efficient Data Identification

Thoroughly scan and analyze data during its creation, while in transit, and while at rest. Then, affix suitable identification attributes.

Titus empowers you to apply and detect metadata on data at rest, allowing you to validate regulatory compliance. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with encryption and enterprise digital rights management (EDRM) software, ensuring adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulations.

Employ data loss prevention (DLP), enterprise rights management (ERM), cloud access security brokers (CASB), and next-generation firewall solutions to comprehend and implement Titus metadata, thereby enforcing appropriate data protection policies.

The metadata incorporated by Titus into files and emails can be harnessed by other components within your data security framework—data loss prevention (DLP), enterprise rights management (ERM), cloud access security brokers (CASB), and next-generation firewall solutions. This unified, integrated approach streamlines the global application of fitting data protection policies.

Titus solutions empower organizations to discern, categorize, and fortify information, fostering confidence among individuals as they engage with protected sensitive information across all platforms. Titus effectively mitigates risk by overseeing access to sensitive data and disposing of redundant or outdated data.