Protect your sensitive data

One of the biggest challenges for any organization is to protect its sensitive data. Employees send emails, create documents, and upload files to cloud applications every day. Some files can be shared with external contacts, others are for internal use only. Some data is highly sensitive and must be restricted to only a select group of individuals. How does your data protection solution know how to treat any particular file?

Start with data classification

Data classification is the foundation of any data security solution — within the corporate firewall and in the Cloud. You can’t protect your data when people and corporate systems don’t know enough about the contents of files to handle them properly.

The most effective ways to provide that information is to ensure you have a robust classification solution in place.

What you don’t know can hurt you?

Businesses create and collect more data than ever: proprietary information, financial information, employee and customer information. It’s everywhere — stored on and flowing between local machines, networks, mobile devices, and the Cloud.

In addition, new security regulations have made the identification and security of data at rest a growing concern. But to protect your data, you need to first know how to identify it.

Security Automation

The challenge

Organizations have been struggling to secure sensitive data since the dawn of the digital age and the challenge compounds on a daily basis as data volumes continue to increase exponentially.

Protecting this ever-growing collection of data – financial, personal, health care – cannot be achieved by using one silver bullet technology. Instead, it requires an ecosystem of products working together to plug all the potential holes in an organization.

Automating these products can remove the burden on front-line staff, allowing them instead to focus on core business objectives. However, any automated system can bring fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the people who have to rely on their accuracy and effectiveness.

How we solve it

Automated inspection and classification of emails and documents

Clearly and accurately classify emails, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files with user-selected, system-suggested, or automatically applied classification settings, based on your data security policies.

Data classification is the foundation of data security

The family of Titus Classification products provides the essential classification tools to clearly inform both your people and your policies on what information should be secured and how to handle it.

Manage and protect your data with the industry’s most flexible and customizable classification metadata schema.

Give your data context so people and systems understand how to handle the information.