Is Out of the Box or Third Party Microsoft Teams Information Security Right for You?

Customers often wonder if they are heavily invested in Microsoft solutions and tools, how do partner products enhance or provide advantages over Microsoft’s core capabilities? Microsoft Teams information security is no exception. With over 115M users, the ability to quickly share information via built-in chat and file sharing capabilities has rapidly made Microsoft Teams a key collaboration app for organizations. However, the speed and simplicity of creating new Teams presents a challenge for IT and security groups tasked with ensuring business-critical information is properly protected.

While Microsoft Teams ships with numerous out of the box (OOTB) security features, there are several value added solutions for information security on the market. Understanding whether or not your existing Microsoft security investments satisfy business, compliance and security needs can be a challenge for many organizations.

The impact of not having the right information protection in place can be disastrous when you consider employee collaboration messages are 144% more likely to contain confidential information, 165% more likely to contain identification numbers and 6% more likely to contain passwords. User managed tools like Teams make it even harder to keep track of data and ensure that business sharing and usage policies are being followed.

If you are confused about whether or not the OOTB information security for Microsoft Teams is adequate, or if a third party solution is needed to get the data protection capabilities needed to suit your business and regulatory requirements, then this self-assessment is for you.

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Based on your answers to 10 quick multiple choice questions you will:

  • Get an understanding of your needs.
  • Determine whether or not they can be satisfied with your existing Microsoft Teams security investments.
  • Understand if you could benefit from a value added partner solution like NC Protect to fulfil unique information security and gain features not available out of the box.
  • Learn how NC Protect can help you achieve your information security objectives, while leveraging your existing Microsoft investments to ensure secure collaboration, empower IT and Teams owners, and improve ROI.

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